creating a worldwide hub

Front Range Center was established to create academic, therapeutic, developmental, career, and residential opportunities for people with autism; family support services locally and around the world; training for corporations, educators, clinicians, families, and a range of other professionals and organizations; and a virtual global community through online media and innovative apps.

a focused launch

We can make an immediate impact in the world and in the lives of our participants by bridging employers to a highly qualified neurodiverse workforce, and from creating paths to higher education. This is why we are launching the Gateway School at Front Range Center, founded on proven, progressive educational models for teens and young adults on the spectrum.

a neurodiverse leadership team

Our leadership team consists of professionals from a range of disciplines, including executive leadership of not-for-profit corporations, autism advocacy, sales and marketing, and autism-friendly design. Our close team of advisors extends our capabilities in all aspects of the project, including education, strengths-based assessments and therapy, career development and placement for people with autism, and more. Together, we have focused the vision, clarified our beliefs and our mission, and continue to shape an innovative long-term plan that will enable Front Range Center to remain viable and sustainable.

A visionary five-year plan

In 2015 the vision for Front Range Center was born and, by chance, our ideal property identified. In 2016, we have focused our efforts on carefully selecting the leadership team; developing the philosophy, scope, and mission of the Center; identifying key partners and stakeholders; and creating a sustainable, highly scalable business model. In 2016, Front Range Center for Neurodiversity held its first organizational summit at the Aspen Institute, where our leadership team worked closely with our advisory council and other contributors to hone the ideas we’ll be taking to launch.



Transition academy

Gateway School (grades 11 & 12)

Family support services

First residences


Working ranch

Animal therapy program

Professional Development Center

Research Center

Fitness Center


Expanded family support center

Working gardens, greenhouse, culinary center


Arts complex

Permanent housing

School expansion (grades 9-12)


First Place & senior housing

Corporate partner spaces

On-campus businesses run by individuals with autism

Renewable energy lab

…and so much more



Vision is born ✓

Property is identified ✓


Build core team ✓

Incorporate & apply for 501(c)(3) ✓

Establish alliances ✓

Identify potential partners ✓

Organizational summit ✓

Develop sustainable business model ✓

Build donor base ✓


Secure seed funding

Feasibility analysis (CCS)

Property acquisition

Develop educational model & core programs

Expand Board of Directors

Begin property design phase

Secure business partnerships/anchors

Foster donor relations


Begin phased build-out

Create ranch

Establish on-campus boutique businesses

Open Gateway School

Establish experience centers (STEM, arts, culinary / farm-to-table)

Begin hosting forums


Continue build-out

Launch Global Community Initiative

Expand school


Fully operational

Focus on continual improvement