founder & ceo

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Center, Kris provides a wealth of experience bringing together people with a vision for positive social change and those able to bring resources to the table. Through decades of work with non-profit organizations, her collaborative approach to social challenges has made a positive impact both locally and globally. Driven by a fascination with neurodiversity and differentiated learners, Kris is passionately committed to creating innovative, effective, and sustainable educational opportunities for gifted and autistic children and young adults.


evp strategy & operations

Sonia has recently relocated to Colorado from New York City where she served as a director of the WilderNest Foundation, a non-profit organization that relies on animals in the classroom to help neurodiverse children learn and grow. As Director of Advocacy, she dedicated her first two years in Denver to helping the non-profit T.A.C.T (Teaching the Autism Community Trades) fill an important gap in the neurodiverse community nationwide.
Sonia holds two Masters’ Degrees and is fluent in English, French, and Polish. She also has a history of academic and professional successes as a Research Analyst and Management Consultant with work experience at McKinsey & Co, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and NATO, amongst others. Previously, in New York, Sonia gained experience in the art field working at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Christie’s Auction House, and the Lower East Side Printshop. She also founded a New York based art business called Roam Contemporary.
Sonia is inspired daily by her two sons and driven by her desire to have them grow up in a world in which neurodiversity is both accepted and valued.


vice president of design

Trained in design at the University of Cincinnati, Nancy enjoyed 24 years as Principal in a large international multi-disciplinary firm. Her primary focus was on planning, and her design clientele included colleges, universities, private schools and nonprofit organizations. Nancy’s work sparked a personal passion for the effects of physical environment on those on the autism spectrum and a range of other differences, particularly around sensory challenges. Having earned graduate-level certification in autism, she has since devoted her career to creating inspired spaces and programs for gifted and differentiated learners.


vice president of family engagement & ethical practice

Dr. Meyer is a nurse and clinical psychologist with over twenty years of experience in pediatric and neonatal intensive care settings. She is Director of the Institute for Professionalism and Ethical Practice at Boston Children’s Hospital and Associate Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Meyer’s teaching and academic work has focused on patient and family perspectives, pediatric end-of-life care, challenging conversations in healthcare, the ethics of everyday clinical encounters, and humanism across the spectrum of healthcare. She has designed creative and comprehensive psychological services for children and their families. Her teaching efforts have promoted innovative simulation-based interprofessional communication and relational learning, nationally and internationally. To improve the emotional standard of care of patients and families, she has championed simulation-based educational learning to encourage clinicians, across disciplines and experience levels, be more direct, honest and confident when engaging in challenging healthcare conversations. She gave a successful TEDx Talk entitled, “On Being Present, Not Perfect,” has published nearly 100 peer-reviewed articles and chapter, presents widely at national and international conferences, reviews books for the Journal of the American Medical Association, and serves as an Associate Editor for Simulation in Healthcare.


director of communications

Becca was diagnosed on the autism spectrum as an adult and has since become an active autism advocate, consultant, speaker, and writer. With a focus on living an active, positive life, her work includes autism consulting, public speaking engagements, writing a monthly blog, Live Positively Autistic, and the bi-weekly podcast that she co-hosts, Spectrumly Speaking. Becca sits on the Advisory Board of the Nassau-Suffolk chapter of the Autism Society of America, the Board of Directors of Different Brains and the Foundation for Life Guides for Autism, as well as, the Community Council of AASET (Autistic Adults and other Stakeholders Engaged Together). An animal lover with a special affinity for cats, Becca spends most of her time with her partner, Antonio Hector, and their Emotional Support Animal (ESA), Sir Walter Underfoot.


director of information technology &
social media

After spending 15 plus years in the field of IT, Antonio changed career paths to pursue a greater quality of life. This change has resulted in a new career, educating and supporting adults on the autism spectrum through his passion for animals. When Antonio isn’t helping his partner in life and work, Becca Lory, to run their small consulting business, he can be found out an about with their Emotional Support Animal, Walter. As Walter’s main handler, Antonio shares the richness of the autism community and the epic greatness of the human-animal connection with all he meets.


co-ordinator of emotional well-being

Sir Walter Underfoot is the very special and awesome, super-pup, Emotional Support Animal (ESA) for Becca Lory and Antonio Hector. When he isn’t providing proprioception on demand or keeping his humans grounded, Walter can be found playing with his fur-sis Penny or any of the other six feline fur-siblings in his pack. When not busy with others, Walter spends his free time, sniffing grass, napping, and chasing balls. While sniffs are his favorite, this renaissance dog is known for his chill demeanor, general happiness, and his big ole floppy ears.