The mission of the Center for Neurodiversity is to foster employment and self-sustainability for young adults in the autism community.


We envision a society that favorably recognizes the natural, neurological diversity of humanity — a world not segregated by neurodiversity but rather united in it.


The Center for Neurodiversity is designed to address the needs and develop the strengths of individuals with autism and Asperger’s, and other gifted learners. We are developing specific programs for young adults and their family members with early emphasis on transition. Our employment program and developmental services are customized to meet individuals where they are and to foster growth from their unique strengths and interests. And the Center’s residence program aims to provide housing for students, adults, and seniors in a thriving community highly integrated with nature.

Above all, our participants will be loved, respected, and honored for their uniquely human qualities.


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noun, neu∙ro∙di∙ver∙si∙ty | \ˌnu̇r-ə-də-ˈvər-sə-tē, dī-\

Neurodiversity is not a political stance or a new movement. Like racial or ecological diversity, neurodiversity is a naturally occurring biological phenomenon. Those who are more autism-leaning are not “failed versions of normal,” but rather individuals with unique cognitive abilities and strengths. Simply put, though some minds operate in a distinctively different fashion than others, every human being presents somewhere on the spectrum of neurodiversity and we should all be treated as such — in the community, in school, and in the workplace.

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