Nurturing successful, fulfilled living for neurodiverse individuals by fostering employment and self-sustainability in the community.


We envision a society that favorably recognizes the natural, neurological diversity of humanity – a world not segregated by neurodiversity, but united in it.


The Center will be open to neurodiverse individuals, with programing customized to their developmental needs. The Center will offer educational, recreational, employment and individualized support opportunities.

The Center will also work closely with new employers so that they and their fellow-workers understand how best to engage with new employees and colleagues who are neurodiverse..  

Through education, direct and frequent contact with the community, the Center hopes to increase understanding and acceptance in order to transform the broader population’s understanding of neurodiversity.


The Center for Neurodiversity offers unique, strengths and passions-based programming which aims to find and build upon students’ interests and skills before they leave high school. Through direct, hands-on teaching and learning, our goal is to give students the skills needed to enjoy fuller, richer lives and to provide each of them a pathway to long-term success. The programs at the Center for Neurodiversity are customized to each individual’s developmental needs. Programming is offered to neurodiverse individuals between the ages of 16 and 22.

INCLUSIVITY is what drives the three tenets of our STRENGTHS-based programming all of which takes place in a sensory-friendly environment. Our programs Create Solutions for Neurodiverse Individuals and Families, Create Community-Based Solutions to Neurodiverse Challenges, and Create Solutions for External Stakeholders in Neurodiversity.


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Neurodiversity is the diversity of human brain and mind – the infinite, variation of neurocognitive functioning within our species. A natural human trait to be recognized and respected as any other facet of humanness, including diversity in race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, and sexual orientation.

Neurodiversity is an inclusive, natural, and valuable form of human diversity.

Neurodiversity encompasses every individual’s inherent worth and right to enjoy societal inclusion with the greatest possible quality of life, along with the accommodations that allow for both.

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